When two women are are having sex doggy style, facing each other. They then hold each other's hands in the arm wrestling position for support.
Amanda and Clarice were arm wrestling whilst getting railed from behind by their boyfriends. BFFs.
by Lil_Bird414 October 9, 2021
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During hot sex when the man is fully inserted and is flexing his cock deep inside of her and she is simultaneously squeezing his cock tight while he is exerting maximum flexing force against the vagina squeezing tight.
Last night was amazing when we were fucking even though your pussy almost snapped off my cock when we were arm wrestling. You Win!!
by stabbin' cabin dude July 30, 2019
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n. an ingenious sport that was invented to show ones skill or brute strength.
D.A. looks pretty skinny but he is a master at arm wresteling.
by Dustin A (aka D.A.) December 9, 2004
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the ultimate test of masculinity. the loser is usually subject to teasing about his femininity or forced to do a degrading act. but its awesome wen u win, a massive sense of accomplishment is felt, even if beating a little girl. involves the pitting of one's bicep and tricep muscles against those of another.
we had a titanic arm wrestle but after 3 hours i won and proved i was more of a man than that 9-year-old girl
by andrew osullivan December 30, 2006
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Proving who is the best masterbator since the birth of humans.
Nobody can seem to beat that kid at arm wrestling.

He must masterbate like crazy.
by parvusdraconem July 2, 2010
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When you prove your self to be bad ass.
Oh damn... Jimmy Just killed a man with his fist and the man had a gun.
Jimmy is quite the badass he won the Turkish Arm-Wrestle
by GooseDuckMan October 5, 2018
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