A uckers, named after Jezebel from the bible that was forbidden from entering heaven.
by 4doorwhipnslide October 30, 2019
Someone that sucks bare dick, short for Jezebel in the Christian Bible.
by 4doorwhipnslide October 30, 2019
Someone who is well known to have had sex with most people in their ends
JSav “you know that girl Hanna , she’s some jezzie
J1 “Yh she just gave me and the mandem slops in the alley”
by 3Sj 🅾️ Way or no way December 5, 2020
Ooof look at her! She’s probably called Jezzi!😁
by ChannyBabesXo October 28, 2018
I have a jezzy for brunettes.
Don't have any jezzy business with Sophie
I thought we were bros but instead, you have a jezzy for my sister
A great youtuber that will soon become famous cause he is AMAZING he never stops talking and loves being annoying!
Jezzie Boy da youtuber genius BOI
by Jezzie Boi April 28, 2017
shes eco friendly! 🌱🌳
shes dating sweggy and leanore🌻✨🧚
shes jezomoine ! 🥳
person 1: omg jezzy eco-friendly moo is hot i wonder if shes single....
person 2: nahh shes dating leanorenell and swegator
sweggy n leanore : 👁️👄👁️