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Name of a boy ideal for Grace.
At first glance, you might see him as plain, mediocre man, but when you get to know his soul, his being, you wouldn't want him to lose from your sight... No, you would pray to be with him the rest of your life. Jezreel isn't that perfect; he gets into troubles sometimes and would even have shortcomings. Despite these, he stay firm to himself, strong and always dignified. An imperfect man who loves perfectly.
I love you, Jezreel. Always.
by esyangyang January 27, 2018
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Aesthetically pleasing, she is a beautiful child... traight up aesthetic
Jezreel is aesthetic. She is the definition of aesthetic. She is an amazing internet friend/amiga
by Itsyagirlsteph June 23, 2017
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Jezreel looks like a really competent, mean, and inconsiderate guy. He always has an angry expression on his face, but really, he’s a super down to earth guy. He’s nice to everyone and he also knows everyone, everyone likes him because he’s super generous and funny, sure he makes really inappropriate jokes but those jokes will most likely make you laugh... or uncomfortable, but don’t worry because Jezreels will make you not uncomfortable by making another joke that is less inappropriate. Jezreels tend to be really talented and athletic, he plays a lot video games and he’s attracted to girls with same humour as him. Jezreels are good at volleyball even if they don’t like it, their heights average around 5’5-5’9 and they make good use of their heights. Jezreels like to hide what they really feel, they hide their sadness or anxiety with jokes and smiles. Jezreels make everyone laugh and smile even with a really dumb joke... somehow. Most importantly, Jezreels are really rare and most likely you’ll meet them once in your life, or even never, make sure to spend time with them as much as you can because Jezreels don’t have much time in their hands.
“Do you know that guy right there that makes everyone laugh?”
“Oh yeah that’s Jezreel, he’ll always make you laugh”
by Cabinet Shampoo December 14, 2019
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A very hot girl who normally has blond hair and bluish greenish eyes. She's the perfect height for hugs. Jezreels, also known as Jezzie's, have screeches for everything. When agitated, Jezzie's will often bite. Jezzie's make for amazing girlfriends. If you got yourself a pet Jezreel as a girlfriend, consider yourself very lucky.
"That girl is smoking hot and is screeching at a birb, she must be a Jezreel!"
"My girlfriend is such a Jezreel"
by Acaicia aka Connor September 18, 2018
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She is very fast. Tigidig... tigidig...
When you see one just run!
by JUSTRANDOMING101 October 09, 2019
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