Its someone that knows you better than anyone else. You always see them behind a screen, either their face or their words. And when you hear their voice for the first time it’s like "OMG YOUR VOICE". You just want to spend time and do things with them. When they're having a bad day you wanna hug them, but can’t because internet.
by a.o. December 11, 2014
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internet friends are pure crackheads with no future, but me, i'm a crackhead myself. internet friends are also not fake, thots, or snakes. they are funny and would just be there for you in some problems. it's also a song from Katy Perry herself, released out on 2011, and it was old. Besides, having internet friends is actually a blessing! they are real friends as well, so if they care, they will care. having fake friends isn't fun OR having lunchbox friends.
man i love having internet friends! they function just like real friends! this is the besttime of my whole life!
by rosefreckles August 10, 2020
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An internet friend is someone you just happened to meet online that you had a bunch of things in common with and became friends. But it turns out that that person will be there for you through everything, they will become you best friend. Internet friends aren't just people you'll forget about after a couple months or a even a couple years, if you make an internet friend they will stay with you and be there for you through everything. And those day, months, or years that you get to know each other will bring you so close together. You'll want to be with them everyday and never want to leave there side, but you can't cause they're just internet friends. But when that day comes the day you finally meet, the first tine you see them not through a screenvyou will run up to them hug them and cry, cry because finally you get to see them after all that time, that first time you hear there voice other then coming from a phone or a computer you'll be like, "Oh my god thats your voice! Your real voice!" The day you will them will quite possibly be one of the happiest days of your life.
Girl: Hi
Girl: Hey
Boy: What's up

*2 years later*

Boy: *Runs across the airport to the other 2 girls*
Girl: *Crys*
Girl: *Screams* Oh my god! I can't believe its you!
Boy: *Pulls both girls into a hug*

Everyone: I can't believe I finally got to meet you guys... My internet friends.
by Internet Obsession June 15, 2015
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The best kind of person in the world. The person who doesn’t care about your popularity or looks. The ones who would do anything for you. The people who would stay up late for you. The people who are so caring you cannot even describe it. The people who you wish you could meet and they wish they could meet you. And one day, maybe you will.

They are the best kind of people.
Girl: “Hey wanna be internet friends?”
Other Girl: “YES!”
by Unicornrainbowgracegirl November 25, 2018
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1. something that i need

2. people who you meet online and you instantly become friends b/c of your common interests

3. also could be dangerous b/c you don’t know who those ppl r and they could cyberbully you
basic internet friends
Girl 1: hey

Girl 2: hi

G1: im marise, whats ur name?

G2: im lucille. Nice to meet u. so r u excited for ..... *becomes instant friends*

*a year later g1 surprises g2 at a local park*

G2: omg its you!!! Finally

*runs to each other, high pitched squeals, crying and hugging*
by marise lucille December 28, 2017
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Basically any friend you have on yhe internet (it could be either a real friend of yours or someone you met on a different social media site).
One thing I know for sure is that I should at least be careful about the internet friends I make because there really are a lot of weirdos and douchebags online so you do have to be really careful of who you talk to on the web.
by CelticEagle February 17, 2019
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