The act of being jewish. Such as picking up pennies. You must know before it has been done though.
You could also before curling your hair.
Example 1:

Tommy Kiole: Hey im going to pay for gas. Did you bring money?

Johnathon Flotie: Na, ill probably look around on the ground and start "jewing it up"

Tommy Kiole: Alright.

Isahia Hebrewburg: I take offence to that!

Johnathon Flotie: We don't give a shit, Damn jew.

Isahia Hebrewburg: I'm gunna' kick your ass!

(50 cal. is shot from distance, peirceing the snorty jews brain, killing him)

Everyone there: hahaha, damn jews.

Example 2:

Brianne: Finally we are at the plastic surgen! What kind of nose should i get? Big, small, or medium?

Louise the Prejudice Lady: What the hell? Why don't you curl your damn hair, and pick up pennies, and start being good at math too, if you get a big ass nose?

Brianne: What are you talking about?

Louise the prejudice: Im just pretecting you, i don't want my best friend to start "Jewing it up"
by Jew Burner 666 November 06, 2011
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