Jewey is a person who looks and sounds like a Jew
From the Sideman video COUNTDOWN: SIDEMEN EDITION, in which Harry answered in with the word "Jewey"
"Oi you know that bird I met last week she's a bit of a Jewey"
"Did she have a big nose"
by fbs,t April 21, 2019
A short describing word for something that is Jewish or Jew like..
"In your Jewey Face!"

"That's a little bit Jewey.."

"Mitch and Sarah are Jewey!!"
by Weeeena June 29, 2012
Coming from the root word Dew or Dewey as opposed to Jew, Jewey means slight mental depravity or overcautious zeal.
"I just don't understand it! The dame's gone jewey!"
by Alfred Grieves March 2, 2005
A person of Jewish heritage who possesses the following qualities...

Overpowering obsession with their own self interests.

Being highly particular and "fussy"

An strong inability to find any humor in their own obvious "condition"
Why am I such a jewey fag?
by Droopy Wieners March 29, 2017
1) being a Jew

2) behaving in an arrogant manor
Fam, why you being so jewey
by ThePointlessBible September 10, 2019