Boobs characteristic of a young or elderly Jewish girl. They are usually disproportionately big to a smaller-framed body. They are elongated and sometimes have stretch marks because of how low they dangle. They are not well-rounded. A girl with them can probably throw them over her own shoulders without much effort.

They look similar to what two tube socks filled with matzo ball soup would look like.
"Moshe even though that girl had jewbs I still wanted to bury my face in them."
by Vanessa from mayanot February 16, 2013
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Break it down... Jew-oobs = Jewish Boobs
damn Gabbys Jewbs are lookin good today in that shirt
by CássieL August 7, 2006
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Hey what do you call a jewish womans boobs.........Jewbs.
by Qwiegybow March 30, 2006
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South park refers to a jewish womens boobs as jewbs
Aw nasty, she's got jewbs!
by benizgay May 22, 2013
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A good looking (hot,sexy,cute) girl with nice assets.
Damn, did you see those jewbs over there.
by Tu Nextstage July 8, 2006
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A jewish womans' boobs.
Hey, y'know what the call a jewish woman's boobs? Jewbs.
by KensGonnaOwnYou March 25, 2006
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