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To "Jew Up" or to "Jew out of" is the act of stealing or cheating someone out of something they rightfully own using cunning or speed. Origins related to the observation that Jewish people stereotypically rather tight with money.

similar meaning to "Gypsy up" although to "Gypsy up" has particular stress on getting something through use of force instead of cunning.
example 1. (the 'Jew up' of a beverage)

guy 1- *guy has a sip of my drink*


example 2. (being 'Jewed out of' money)

guy 1- "I believe you owe me 3 English Pounds sir"

guy 2- "remember that day 4 months ago where bought you a sandwich..?".

guy 1- "yes."

guy 2- "how much did that sandwich cost?"

guy 1- *mumbles and walks away*
by your mums wet dream August 01, 2011
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Jew-ups are push ups where you only have to touch your nose to the ground. Jews have an advantage for this for they have a huge nose.
Jew-ups are easy if you are a Jew
by brandon the jr. big boy June 14, 2007
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After being unfairly fired from his job, Kevin decided that the best course of action was to jew up and take his employer to court.
by b0bbydigital May 10, 2006
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when a jewish (most of the time girl) starts gossiping like crazy and does not watch the words that come out of the mouth. This girl "jew-ups" because that fact that she is a J.A.P. makes her gossip sound much worse.
Jewish Girl: OMG, she was like being seductive and sticking her boobs in his face and it totally was soooo unattractive...

Other Girl: Yeah, yeah, whatever.

Jewish Girl:...and then he was like you can stop that now...

Other Girl: Ugh, don't start to jew-up on me!
by Cami-Twin December 12, 2006
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Verb The act of an allegedly slighted individual retaining a high priced consortium of attorneys.
"Why you step on my Bapes, bitch? I mo Jew up and sue yo ass!"
by ThrillKill September 24, 2009
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