It's a 'chick magnet', no doubt about it.
Chicks like the lines, subtle curves--manly curves, actually. Unlike other breeds, all curvy and slinky. In contrast to the Jetta's blade-like edge, these other cars are girliest, by far !
Jetta is too cool. Other cars are still trying to imitate it. Look at that Chevy Impala, yikes !!!
by noform April 15, 2004
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A very cool car that's fun to drive, well styled, and will fall apart after 2 or 3 years.
"I really loved my Jetta until it needed $2000 of repairs three days after the 2-year warranty expired."
by Anonymous July 23, 2003
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03 Jetta GLI....I recommend anyone who's gay and thinks that Jettas are for girls test drive this magnificently fast car.
by Drego April 23, 2003
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Very cool car (especially the old ones, Mk2 and the rare Mk1), damn fast and sleek looking. The new ones are a little girly, but still beat the doors off of 90% of Civics out there.
There goes one fast 92 16v.
by Jason September 08, 2003
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A superior car by anyone standards. It is not manufactured in detroit, nor Japan, but by a German corporation. Also being designed by German engineers ensure it a durability and life line that pretty much obliterates the land yaughts preferred by ignorant Americans.
Is the Jetta American? No. Thus it's not made by Ford or Chevy, not even Chrysler? Thank God for that.
by Sentience January 12, 2003
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a good car. Guys can get one, and not have to think twice about it hurting their masculinity ONLY if you get the the 1.8t, or the GLI
gurls can get whatev they want
ima get apr stage 3 for my jetta 1.8t, burn some vipers!!
by seane November 21, 2003
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A popular (best-selling european car in america, y0!) Volkswagen product in a state of controversial evolution. At one time the 'family rabbit' with wicked Fox-inspired shoebox styling and less weight than a new Mini was blessed with about the most crisp and awesome handling to ever grace an economy car - in the early '80s, that is. (Try an '84 GLI, it's impossible not to like. Unless the car has 275k miles on it on an un-rebuilt engine and massive rust perforation. I still liked it.) The Jetta continued this fruitful path into the early '90s, gaining slight weight but also better features, more displacement and of course the option of the 16V engine.

Beginning in the '90s, this once-deadly car began to reek of yuppiedom... soon sports supsensions and trim levels weren't exactly (115hp... GT package, my ass) that and faux-luxury gimmicks like mandatory central locking/alarms, road-dulling power steering and Trek/K2 accessory packs. The storm clouds culminated to produce the A4 edition in 1999, with chromed knobs, beautiful interior trim and heated seats diverting might-be true enthusiasts from the car's amazingly potbellied 3000 lb. weight and chronic nose-heaviness resulting from VW's need to put bigger and bigger engines in the front of their blimpier cars. The Jetta now inhabits a land where the throttle no longer operates linearly, body roll is king and automatic transmissions are the norm. Contrary to the thoughts of many, VW sold their soul not with the death of the Super Beetle and abandonment of the air-cooled engine, but with the aspiration of acceptance in yuppiedom.

But hey, at least Jetta drivers don't cut me off as often as BMW drivers, eh? :)
Honey, I'm going to take our new Jetta to Starbucks to try the new flavor of vanilla-chai frappucino, OK?
by hondamatic March 02, 2004
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