While going to the toilet, side backwards facing the cistern. When completed, flush the chain and vroom, this gives the impression of being in the mediterranean on a jet ski.
That toilet is not new anymore, i just jet skied the life out of it!
by bertman75 September 28, 2010
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To bury one's face in the breasts of a woman with A cups while making a raspberry. Basically, an attempt to motor boat on a woman breasts that aren't at the size necessary to motor boat.
Charlie smiled as he quickly shoved his face into Diana's breasts and made a motor boat sound shaking his head. Unfortunately, Diana lack the proper equipment and he was left with a jet ski.
by TopGunOriginal9 June 27, 2011
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Similar to the motorboat....it is where a guy and a girl face eather other then she sits down on the ground in front of him. Next, as he stands over her, she proceeds to "motorboat" his boner and balls with her face.
Jean really liked riding Charles's jet ski on the lake.
by Blue_Thunder October 17, 2007
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When someone who has consumed too much alcohol passes out and you ride their unconscious body down the nearest set of stairs. Incredibly fun unless you're the one unconscious.
Elliott got really drunk at the party last night and passed out, so we went jet-skiing with him.
by mcniggleston January 18, 2012
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jet skied, jet skiing;

sex position in which a guy straddles a girls chest and proceeds to diddy ride (tit wank) her while gripping bunches of hair at either side of her head (handle bars).
at the point of ejaculation the girl urinates, producing a jet of fluid, like a water ski.
"tried the jet ski last night, the sheets were soaked"

"jet skied this girl last night, came right on her chin"
by pill-yung October 24, 2013
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When a gurl holds your thighs like handlebars and rests your balls on her nose rassberrying your taint making you cum!!!
That bitch was jet-skiing me so hard I came like the fountain of youth all over her forehead😝
by Kevin Reiterer December 5, 2017
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While sitting in a bathtub or shower filled with 2-3 inches of water, let rip a huge fart and you create a. Jet Ski. If your fart is big enough you can create a rooster tail.
While taking a bath, Pearl busted gross wind and felt the RPM of the Jet Ski
by Dingledangler November 17, 2007
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