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Jess, commonly a shortened name of Jessica, is a rather tall girl. Jess has blonde hair and blue eyes. She thinks she funny although is not that funny at all. However Jess can be rather nice however talks behind everyone’s back no matter how close you are to her. In addition to thinking she is funny, she also thinks she is extremely pretty although,, she isn’t. Her high ego causes her behave like a thot, and constantly try to gloat and brag, although no one really cares because they know she is a thot. Jess is actually rather ugly and not that smart. She is desperate and fake, and will get with anyone she can, not only to just have the title of girlfriend and boyfriend but also to try and make other people jealous because she managed to score a really good person. She try’s to antagonise people although no one is scared of her and she won’t fight anyone. No one really likes her.
Person 1: who is that?

Person 2: ugh that’s Jess

Person 1: what’s so ‘ugh’ about her?

Person 2: She’s so fake

Person 1: Oh she’s ‘that’ jess?? I’ve heard about ‘her’

Person 2: Yeah, let’s go before she comes over
by c0w July 19, 2019

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