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Typically a larger than life person, great fighter, hangs out with the underdogs. He can take down any and all jocks, and is very dedicated to any and all relationships.
Boy 1) Dude, why are you in the hospital
Boy 2) I tried to hit on Jeshuas girl
Boy 2) Youre an idiot, he could take down a tank bro!
by Jeshua Ansari October 21, 2017
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An outgoing beautiful girl. She doesnt believe she is exremely good-looking nor extremely ugly. Many boys are all over her. The one guy that he chooses is probably the most luckiest guy in the world. She likes it when people compliment her, it makes her feel better about herself. She can be conceited at times, but she is so cute. She has a great fashion sense & has the perfect figure. SHE IS PERFECT! she just doesnt know it yet.
Boy 1 :Hey who's that beautiful girl ?!
Boy 2 : Jeshua, duh ! Who doesnt know that ! Everyone likes her ;)
Boy 1 : should i ask her out ?
Boy 2 : naah, you got no chance with that, shes a 10!
by Realeyesrealizereallies November 13, 2013
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a guy with a huge dick and is a really rare name
his name is Jeshua
by lil_bigtoe May 07, 2018
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