Bozo is a name that references someone who has failed to achieve any level of formal education and is easily lead and influenced by anyone who appears sympathetic. Bozo will, because of their lack of of understanding of the english language, try and engage in conversation, but in almost all cases, will become irritated and abusive due to not understanding what is being said to them. A Bozo will make up stories about their achievements, but everyone knows that they are just fabrications. A Bozo is not smart enough to know that their lies have been discovered and will continue on prosecuting the lie.
Please Bozo, don't try and sneak in with the humans.
by Kung Of The Duckheads March 3, 2019
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A person having very low intelligence aka being slow as fuck
a person doesn't know how to do something:
random person: ur a bozo
by Drippydee6198 (xbox name) February 9, 2021
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is a very old clown. 1

also can be used to insult others 2
"Bozo, the Clown is staging a new appearance in 2021! don't miss it!?" 1

"Shut up Bozo." 2
by TheDictionaryTroll June 18, 2021
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A fluffy and lumpy dumb person who struggles through everyday activities like getting to work fully clothed and in one piece. Often used affectionately but with an eye roll. Said bozo typically wears tragically goofy footwear and has sleep in their eyes.
today I saw Mary the bozo staggering to the bus stop in the rain. Her sneakers were barely on- they were untied and she was walking in them like they were clogs. What a little BOZO!
by Bozofeet February 20, 2015
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If you look funny, talk funny, and act stupid… you are a bozo
Did you just stutter??? What a bozo
by koolaid kidz February 11, 2022
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