It's like a jerk but much much worse
1. Adrian is such a JER!

2. Stop being such a JER!
by Leshley November 29, 2008
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a noun is a person, place, or thing. That being the case, the person who made the initial definition is quite the unintelligent individual, therein removing all credibility for his comments. That being said, the correct definition of JER - or Jeremy (aka ROCKSTAR) can be found there.
Everyone wants to be like Jer Jeremy (aka ROCKSTAR) Dont deny it, you have to accept it, any degrading remarks or attempts to belittle Jeremy are seen as obvious acts of Jealousy and lack of selfworth.
by God (accept no substitute) February 25, 2005
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Jer is a term of endearment for any acquaintance or passer-by. Created by 81 year old Delores Shoff who mistakenly referred to a phone message by Joe as "Jer."
Jer: Hey, Jer, how's it going?
Jer: Lima Bean!
by Sundizzle December 01, 2004
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Paul: Yo you free tonight
Colin: Yeah bro you wanna have a jers
by gnomes2004567890 December 18, 2020
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jeremiah is a great guy he’s hated because his name is “jeremiah” but really he’s a fit sort and yall should hit him up because he’s got a 10/10 personality and he’s a great person inside out hmu in sc @jeremiahkane2k :)
oi there’s jeremiah he’s a great guy
by jeremiah kane aka the top man February 29, 2020
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Person 1: Hey, did you hear about what Micheal did
Person 2: Yeah, he was being a Jer about it.
by Apple-Schöpfer November 08, 2019
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its a name and means Jusn Evol Rytr from Keepn graff Alive KrU which is a graffiti artist from Modesto CA. which he is smooth with the ladies and in the sack.
you would see Jer bombed all over the city and n.99 freeway if you you to pass thru Modesto CA
by jankie jey aka Justin Evolrytr November 30, 2013
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