A word that started circulating in Toledo, Ohio around the Fall of 2008. It can mean something good, bad or in certain extreme circumstances to have sexual intercourse. The word can be written as 'Jers', 'Jirs', or 'Jurs'.
Person A: "Hey dude, I got a sweet new ride today."
Person B looks at the new car.
Person B: "Jers!"

Person A: "Damn son, I got a 31% on my Accounting Exam".
Person B: "Jers!"

Person A: "I wanna kick it tonight but I can't."
Person B: "Well, why not?"
Person A: "Because I got this broad I met a few days ago coming over tonight."
Person B: "What do you two have planned?"
Person A: "Oh, I dunno, we're probably gonna Jers."
Person B: "Jers!"
by 'Noxious April 17, 2009
*short streamer does something dumb*
Exasperated audience: jer,a...
by p00p3r August 3, 2021
Some of great leadership and strength. One who most seek knowledge and opinion of. One with great charisma and good looks.
Jerred is the best.
by Jdp38105 December 19, 2016
A smooth operater with a keen sense of style, a pimped out lifestyle and all the ladies.
"Dude, Checkout that Jer over there."
"Damn. Now all the ladies be all over hims."
by Mohammed Mustabe September 29, 2004
1. Your jer is small.
2. I would like to suck your jer.
by 4no April 9, 2006
to use for cat: “woah is that a jerring!” to use for leftover penis hairs: “oh shit u have some jerring over there”
by radlolz February 1, 2021