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A word that started circulating in Toledo, Ohio around the Fall of 2008. It can mean something good, bad or in certain extreme circumstances to have sexual intercourse. The word can be written as 'Jers', 'Jirs', or 'Jurs'.
Person A: "Hey dude, I got a sweet new ride today."
Person B looks at the new car.
Person B: "Jers!"

Person A: "Damn son, I got a 31% on my Accounting Exam".
Person B: "Jers!"

Person A: "I wanna kick it tonight but I can't."
Person B: "Well, why not?"
Person A: "Because I got this broad I met a few days ago coming over tonight."
Person B: "What do you two have planned?"
Person A: "Oh, I dunno, we're probably gonna Jers."
Person B: "Jers!"
by 'Noxious April 16, 2009
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A smooth operater with a keen sense of style, a pimped out lifestyle and all the ladies.
"Dude, Checkout that Jer over there."
"Damn. Now all the ladies be all over hims."
by Mohammed Mustabe September 28, 2004
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The most awesome person alive. That guy that you can't remember except that he was really good in the sack. The ultimate ladies man and ghetto pimp. If you are lucky enough to have a Jer go ahead and treasure it.
Girl:Hey i had a Jer last night!
Girl: No way me to!
by Branden O February 06, 2009
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(noun)- A measurement of one point five inches.
e.g. #1 - Oh my god that man has a penis the size of a jer.

e.g. #2 - That weiner is a jer long.
by anonymous October 27, 2004
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A person that is very kind, thoughtful, and the most amazing man youโ€™ll ever meet. He keeps his feelings hidden but once you get to know the real him he has a lot to share. He has one girl in mind but is timid and only wants the best for her. He is smoking and looks good with glasses. Most call him Jer instead of Jeremiah or Jerry Berry.
Whoโ€™s the man hottie over there? He must be a Jer.
by kelly2000 May 23, 2018
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