A name Used in addressing someone who is all round excellent. A perfect person. Someone who’s easy to love and hard to hate. An amazing person. bae
Hey Jer, how are you?

Good morning jer.

She’s a beautiful jer
by Cupidjunior July 26, 2019
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the jer is a unforseen object/being that roams the land. usually hiding in pockets. can also be found buried in forests.

the jer is utilized to obtain maximum vagina within chitown region
wheres the jer? oh its in my pocket

i buried the jer in the forest
by yosterr4 October 24, 2011
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1. a name that was invented for a child with to many names
A. james
B. jim
C. jimmy
D. ryan
E. J.R.
F. loser
G. lesbein

2. if you slur J and R together

Jer: If you think about it all guys are lesbein
Tom: What the fuck???
Nick: Jer you can go be lesbein over there

-Dedicated to Steve and Gabe
by tom nelson September 29, 2005
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A person that is very kind, thoughtful, and the most amazing man you’ll ever meet. He keeps his feelings hidden but once you get to know the real him he has a lot to share. He has one girl in mind but is timid and only wants the best for her. He is smoking and looks good with glasses. Most call him Jer instead of Jeremiah or Jerry Berry.
Who’s the man hottie over there? He must be a Jer.
by kelly2000 April 06, 2018
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The fuckin man. He owns everyone on a chat server called "chat.bolt.com." He is an elite hacker who puts kevin mitnik to shame.
<LyRiKa|> im 1337 as fuck yo
<Kevin_Mitnik> yes you are
<LyRiKa|> dizzam right, biatch
by Webster February 24, 2003
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General spoken adaptation of the abbreviations, J.R.
"Hey, there's J.R. ... YO JER!!! WHAT'S UP?!"
by Supermanchild January 02, 2004
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