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A deviant sexual act in which a dominant male pins his partner roughly against a shower wall and performs anal sex on him with vigor while tickling his belly and roaring like a mountain lion.
Feeling badassy after a rough day at work, the bushranger surprised his life partner in the shower at the Y by giving him a sandusky for the ages.
by Brisbane Pete November 15, 2011
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A creepy old man you see at the gym.
Person 1: Hey I kind of feel uncomfortable with that sandusky on the elliptical checking me out.
Person 2: Yah good thing we don't share a locker room with him
by E'lena Slynn February 21, 2012
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When you take such a huge shit that it feels like you are being slowly raped in the Penn State locker room.
I teared up a little when I took a Sandusky today.
by Beelzebob A2 November 11, 2011
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To force Anal Penetration upon one's victim, preferably in a shower while also wearing some form of Penn State memorabilia.
"Mike's biggest fear when he was arrested for D.U.U. was that he'd be Sandusky'd in jail"
by xXSuperJudeXx November 13, 2011
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(third-person singular simple present sanduskys, present participle sanduskying, simple past and past participle sanduskyed)

To ignore, despite valid evidence of it's existence, the repeated abuse, neglect, sexual abuse, and rape of children by employees, members of an establishment. In order to be truly sanduskied, the child must be forced to repeatedly endure the abuse, neglect, sexual abuse, and/or rape when more than three professionals know of the abuse or two formal documentations of the abuse exist through a police report, handwritten and filed note, or documentation by a state licensing agency. Sandusky may also be used as a noun to describe a situation, such as has happened repeatedly in residential treatment facilities owned by organizations such as Universal Health Services (Alan Miller,) Psychiatric Solutions Incorporated (Joey Jacobs,) or others. where repeated abuse, neglect, sexual abuse, and/or rape of children is allowed to continue, despite repeated documentation by licensing agencies, media, and citizens. Often happens when the organizations involved gave repeated donations to politicians who provided ultimate oversight for the safety of the children. (Example (Tim Kaine), (Marilyn Tavenner), (UHS), (PSI), (The Pines), Portsmouth, VA, CCCA.)
The children were sanduskied when documented complaints about repeated rapes at their residential facilitiy were ignored. Staff at the UHS owned facility stated the children's allegations were false so there was no further investigation of the incident.
The state of Virginia has another sandusky on their hands. It's hard to understand why the Virginia ignores repeated licensing violations, the USDOJ report regarding UHS Marion, and multiple media reports about systemic abuse, neglect, sexual abuse, and child rape in UHS owned facilities across Virginia and the U.S.
by bighilllex July 14, 2012
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To exploit something in a brutal and violent way such that it is damaged forever.
"I hear Hollywood did a full sandusky on The Lorax, just like they did to The Cat in the Hat and How the Grinch Stole Christmas."
"Yeah, after seeing those first two, I felt like Mike Meyers and Jim Carrey ass raped my childhood. I'm not going near this one."
by Mystic Mountain Neekatave March 02, 2012
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