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Jerome’s are so fine and sexy. They’re the most attractive guys you’ll ever find. Both personality and looks are so damn fine, you’ll have yourself begging for them. They sex game is so deadly, they will have you begging for more. Jerome’s are so quiet & shy but once you get into their comfort zone, they’re the best people to hang around with. Be careful though, girls are drooling over him so if you want to make him yours, you have competition. They’re usually born around April to September. They’re attitude is so, I don’t give a fuck, I’m going to do what I want. Jerome’s are so caring yet ruthless at the same time. They’re always looking sexy, they are so attractive everyone is always staring at them. When you talk to one, they always be licking they lips and smiling like they’re trying to have your baby. After one conversation, you’ll be begging for him. They’re the realist people you can have in your life but be wise. Once you push them beyond their limits, they will cut you off just like that. Jerome’s are such loyal friends with a very big heart for everyone. They are very curtious people & they are always thinking of others before themselves. If you ever find a Jerome in your lifetime, let’s say your blessed with the best.
Wait who’s that?”
“That’s Jerome”
“Damn he’s so fine, do you know him”
“Yeah, he’s MINE!”