Having some sort of pimple or repulsive acne on your face
Guy 1: You know we got pictures today?
Guy 2: Oh, shizz, i got this mean ass Jerome on my cheek
by Delicioso October 13, 2006
a dumb fat cunt who has a tic tac, and is life human size walking roach who looks like Chewbacca on steroids. Who looks like they would date a 5 year old stripper that’s built like a line that has a 4 feet cockroach neck like him. Therefore, the biggest retard to exist congratulations on the dumb bitch award you deformed squid ward.
Girl 1: Ew is that a roach.
Girl 2: yes or people would like to call him Jerome.
Girl1: girl bye 😂
by oceanarium February 28, 2019
Jerome is an annoying person who is a fat loser
Man i cant stand fat losers like Jerome
by IghtImmagodie November 8, 2019
a annoying bitch who tries so hard to get good grades and is a clown, homophobic and racist. he thinks he is the smartest person in the world and never gives a shit about others.
"omg thats Jerome the clown. He is a literal bitch."
by bichperidot May 19, 2020
An awesome guy but he's really gay.....
Look it's Jerome!
by Your Real Guy11 September 13, 2016
A common word used in place of autism. It also implies that your dad is a nonce.
You're so jerome
I'm afraid you're 2-year-old son has been diagnosed with jerome
I'm useless, I'm clueless and I'm all me...
by Jadolf littler March 21, 2017
Bald head guys that usually gets 0 girls and is lonely
I would hate to be around Jerome at recess
by Zhjssj December 3, 2018