This is the action of stealing something. Taken from South African culture.
"Jep his phone so you can see who he's been texting" said her friend.

"If you aren't careful he's gonna jep your girl." said his friend.
by e_Moose May 16, 2017
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It’s another way to say β€œyep”. Founded by @edgarrods. Best used with the emoji β€œπŸ˜β€ which was also founded by @edgarrods. So, it would mostly be β€œJep πŸ˜β€. Use it if someone asks or say some dumb shit where you need to go β€œJepπŸ˜β€.
David- β€œHey man, down for some Sea Of Thieves later tonight?”
Edgar- β€œJep”
David’s β€œSweeet”
by Drugs Not Hugs April 28, 2020
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The emotional state directly between happiness and disbelief, as in the moment of realization that the thing that was too good to be true really was too good to be true.
I feel downright jeppy today... at least I had that comic to read.
by Traejen October 02, 2007
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brown stuff that gets accumulated on boys' briefs, usually more prominent when the boy farts a lot & does not change his briefs for more than 2 days.
Man, you got jeps on your briefs.
by QUINCAY February 19, 2003
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