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Simply one of the greatest things to have in ones life. A girl beyond measure, caring, loving, beautiful, unquestionably unique and much much more. As rare as the most precious mineral, but worth millions of times said mineral.

P.S A huge love for Mini Coopers
Person 1: "Who is that amazing being?"

Lucky guy: "Thats my Jeni"
by kingtuter March 30, 2011
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Some-one (often a girl) who is pretty confident, sarcastic and funny with her own gender but is too shy and ultimately fails when trying to communicate or socialize with the opposite sex, especially attractive ones.
"C'mon go talk to that boy. Don't be such a Jeni."
by Jawkward September 28, 2013
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Jeni is the latin root for SPARKALICIOUS. It's the art of being fabulous, beautiful, and amazingly witty.
"shit-bitch, that girl is a MILF, who is that?"

"Oh, that's Jeni."
by Sparkalicious November 06, 2008
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wadded up socks or other articles of clothing stuffed down the front of your trousers to make it look as though you have a large package.
J: Look at the size of that dude's junk! That's amazing!

S: Nah, it's just a jenis.
by hippiejeb July 25, 2010
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usually a girl who is simply one of the greatest person in someone's life. she's caring, loving, extremely sarcastic, and unquestionably unique. It's the latin root for Sparkalicious. She typically attracts the same named guys
Girl: Who's that with Jeni
Girl: i thought she broke up with him
I guess shes got a thing for davids
by November 03, 2015
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when a girls jeans fold up and make it look like she has business in her pants OR when a guy's jeans fold up and make it look like he's hard
"Hey Susie.. are you really a man? cuz it looks like you have dick!"
"NO!!!! Thats just my jenis!"
by sam2013 February 23, 2010
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Jeni is the naming of the loud!Usualy used to describe a tribe of angry men. Jeni was used in the olden days when you could hear people from the hills.Usually said in the olden days when the enemy was coming towards. They would alert others by shoutin its Jeni!
Ooh no i hear JENI! Run
by scott celep May 04, 2008
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