A one of a kind, capable of whatever, whenever, forever!
Jenever took care of the hard stuff. She’s the bomb!
by Jenever4ever March 10, 2019
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You are perfect in everything, all your dreams in life will be fulfilled. You have problems that sometimes, it make you sad and stress, but you are strong and brave to face it. People were so proud and blessed on your existence. People loves you so much, especially your family and friends. Stay away from people who doesn't belong you to their circles of friends. There is someone who is thankful because you are you and that's is a blessing! Stay smart and chill!
by Pike Loves June 8, 2021
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Jeneve mean a person with a lot of talent, and is a really enjoyable person to be around. She is hot and sexy person and isn’t afraid to pull up. Jeneve can basically do anything. She also loves to talk and we make you laugh, Jeneve can not keep a straight face.
Jeneve is sexy and is very hot
by Jeneve December 28, 2017
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Jenev is some who is funny, kind, and cares about her family and friends.
Jenev is awesome.
by CJJHACM November 21, 2019
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An amazing person that is respectful and caring in every way.
Jenev helps everyone in any situation.
by Theidkperson November 21, 2019
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Jeneve is a very Hot and beautiful girl if you ever happen to see her i'd make friends with her because they care alot about there friends , but they tend to not keep track if they hurt somebody but honestly they are so kind and honest . She is very cute and is definitely going to be a Tsundere and here lacking subject is either Maths or Afrikaans
"Jeneve is very kind to me "
" i know she never leaves her friends out"
by November 16, 2020
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Jeneve is a weird girl who can be introverted at times but is an okay person. She usually is lesbian and flirts with every girl she sees. She may make people feel uncomfortable at times with her constant staring.
Omg Jeneve just gave me the creepiest stare in class!
by DidIstutter1234 September 17, 2018
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