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a kool guy who every1 wants 2 hang out wit. Fun hot athletic and the life of the party. Big man on campus
Man i wish i was Jelani
by Jelani Fields August 29, 2008
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A guy who is one of the best lovers and kissers to there beautiful girlfriend/wife. Tons of girls think he is cute and so sexy but he only deals with one of the sexiest girls he finds. He will treat any girl perfect and will die for them. Also he is very athletic when it comes to sports. Big Daddy some calls him.
Daniela: Man I want to date Jelani so bad
Kesha: Same but he already has someone
Daniela: Yeah I know but he is so hot
by Breadwinner December 01, 2016
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Jelani is a very loyal attentive and intriguing woman. She tends to dress like a posh tomboy, but invite her to a party and she will become the bell of the ball. She is gorgeous although often overlooked due to her sensitive, quiet and observant nature. Her internal beauty matches her brilliant and sassy personality. Neither stranger nor friend could get by and not notice the thoughtfulness, generosity and quick thinking of the graceful and exquisite Jelani.
If only everyone was like Jelani, we would be doing so much better.
by Paisley Prononds January 28, 2019
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relaxed, cool, calm, and collected.
person 1:dude i hate how all these hackers get away!

person 2:yeah i know!

person 1:OMFG this is gay i feel like sueing the GM's

person 2:hey hey man, stay jelani.
by dj jones November 06, 2006
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An awesome good looking girl. She's very popular and the life of the party! She's also most likely the nicest person in the school!
Wow Jelani is so cool! She is an awesome person!
by strawberryfunnybone November 17, 2017
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A Really nice young man when he wants to be. Has cute eyes, He has a big penis. And he makes his girlfriend happy when he looks at her a certain way #manIwish I was Jelani
Man I want to be Jelani friend
by Kevin Rudd October 30, 2017
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