He made jejune generalizations about how all students were lazy and never did any work.
by Leszek Trojanowski July 14, 2005
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One of those words that are found in a vocabulary textbook
Means childish, juvenile
His jejune behavior made him seem as mature as a two year old.
by itsasecreticanttell May 19, 2019
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It’s origin is the Latin word jejunus , which means without food, barren, so Jejune Literally means to intellectually starve to death.
Watching Fox News is very jejune.
by Aunt Nanny May 17, 2019
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The worst word in the English language, jejune just bleeds pomposity and snobbery. If you seriously use jejune in a sentence you a) are automatically an asshole and b) should be slapped across the mouth.
"I detected a jejune air that had not irked me before."- Brideshead Revisited
by Lord Sebastian February 24, 2014
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A word that sounds so terrible and random, that it is a top competitor for the worst word in the English language.

Does this word really sound like something that describes "naive, simplistic, and superficial"?
Of course not.
There are 2 types of people in the world who use the word "jejune".
1. Those who deserve to be slapped.
2. Xearrik's Subscribers
by I'm You, but just a bit cooler October 06, 2018
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A word Mr. Jolly says too much and it makes no sense. Claims he got it from a tv show but idk.
Mr. Jolly: Jejune

Everyone: Shut up
by fruitoftheloom123 April 30, 2019
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