(verb) To trick a person into doing or thinking something, from the Jebaited emote.


(noun) An instance of a person being Jebaited.
You should try to Jebait that streamer!

That was an awesome Jebait.
by slweeb June 21, 2021
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Jebaited is a Twitch.tv emote featuring the face of organizer of Community Effort Orlando, Alex Jebailey.
It is typically used when a streamer is tricked or believes their chat when they say something completely incorrect.
Streamer: What do I do here, guys?


Streamer: That didn't even do anything?!

Chat: LOL Jebaited
by TwitchFag August 02, 2018
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hey guys. check out this game its not even pay to win.
patch comes out: pay to win
by omgwtfdood October 12, 2017
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Jebaited is a Twitch.tv emote which is used when a streamer gets pranked by chat or by people in game.
viewer: do you know who Joe is?
streamer: no who is he?
viewer Joe momma ayy gottem
rest of chat:get jebaited idiot

Streamer: goes offline forever
by Aquaticryan May 07, 2020
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The act of greatly roasting or embarrassing others. It's a very offensive act and can only be done by adults above the age of 18, or jebaitionist. Jebaitionists are people who Jebait people for a living. Their bosses are called udays, the average udays pay their jebaitionists about fourteen dollars for each jebaition they do. The udays also have bosses, called jays. Jays are rich people that enjoy watching people getting jebaited, so they hier udays whom then hier jebaitionists to do the jebaiting. Udays get 100 dollars for each jebaition and give the jebaitionists 14 of them.
Jebaitionist "No you, ohhhhhhh get jebaited boi!
by Diable-Vache September 25, 2019
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It is when a person gets tricked
Person 1: Yo can I have some chips
Person 2: Its an empty chip bag

by HaxBroLmao123New January 15, 2019
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To get jebaited means to get the finessed or exposed. One usually shouts this term out when their friend gets roasted, exposed, or finessed. People who are especially good at jebaiting are known as jebait gods, and should be treated with the utmost respect.
Ex. When my friend got his nudes exposed by his ex, the squad yelled out "JEBAITED!!!"
by tyreethus_mento June 28, 2017
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