When oneself gets (jebaited) they have suddenly had the realization that they have been tricked or just outplayed #1Qgang. This word had originated from twitch bang outs and had soon been adopted by mayfield students due to the alphatwins “Imaad and George’s) use of the word.
Imaad: yo ma gay did u actually think that gg? liked you, get jebaited

George: alhieeeee
by gbibby14 July 17, 2019
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Jebaited stems from the country of Djibouti, when someone was smart enough in Candice’s to make it a slang word. Practically means the same thing as sike
Matt O. “ Hey I heard that Taylor roasted Jack so bad that someone actually burst in flames
MJ be like: “ oh damn did that actually happen”
by Youraveragejoe13 September 18, 2019
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Getting baited in nba 2k20 and throwing a stupid pass and saying jebaited making people pissed.
by Allan’s pissed lmao November 17, 2019
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When you or someone else takes or steals someone’s seat
“You just got jebaited
by Jebaiter February 17, 2021
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Twitch's emote used for expressing someone's nature towards another; commonly used as 'you dumbass'
I stayed up late last night

You dumbass -insert Jebaited-
by Failynn January 23, 2017
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When your friend camps instead of helping to kill the enemy players and takes your loot after you're dead
"Jack that's my Kar you Jebaited off me"
"Josh don't be camping, I don't want you to Jebait me"
by Clubmach1ne March 08, 2018
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