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Something you say when something goes wrong in life. Usually you use this phrase when a plan fails, or something bad happens that was unexpected. Also said when a dream you had dies, hence "Rest in Peace" the dream, meaning the dream has died.
When I couldn't find a condom, my girlfriend said "RIP the dream", because we had been planning to have sex for months.
by tyreethus_mento February 14, 2017
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To get jebaited means to get the finessed or exposed. One usually shouts this term out when their friend gets roasted, exposed, or finessed. People who are especially good at jebaiting are known as jebait gods, and should be treated with the utmost respect.
Ex. When my friend got his nudes exposed by his ex, the squad yelled out "JEBAITED!!!"
by tyreethus_mento June 28, 2017
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When calling into a suicide hotline, you jerk off as you tell the operator your story. As you get more emotional, you increase the speed of you jerking off. For those who are participating in this act, it kills two birds with one stone by relieving stress and having some sexual action.
As I told the operator my sob story, I came closer and closer to cumming, all while telling her about how I wanted to kill myself. The suicide hotline jerk has saved me many many times.
by tyreethus_mento September 12, 2017
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