Jebaited-Make someone think something is there or make someone think you are playing with them then leave or kick them
by Jailty December 01, 2018
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(j pronounced like a soft g) To get played or outplayed by yourself or someone/something else
Dude i just got noscoped in cod
Damn you got jebaited
by Bacon Bangs in Bank May 14, 2018
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When you’re played or tricked. It’s a better word for roasted.
person 1: You’re gay
person 2: No you
person 1: No you infinity
person 2: No you infinity and beyond. Get jebaited.
by bruh5349 December 30, 2019
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A term used to describe the action of destroying someone, humiliating them in such style, but is more commonly used in video games.

Because of it's flow off the tongue, it is known to be very pleasurable to say.
Keep crying bro you got jebaited and birated.
by cmonthisIsComical September 04, 2021
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These words are used by a certain ongoing organization called the Jebaited squad. This clan is spread all around the world with different sectors around the world, the words "jebaited peace ima headout" is used by them to say "bye". It's their symbol, they will leave before you can question was they just said. Beware...
Teacher: Alright class you can leave the call
Jebaited user: jebaited peace ima headout
*leaves call*
Teacher: what was that? Hello? Hello!!?!?!
by Phineas#1366 December 06, 2020
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