Some musty kids who can turn into Titans to create mass genocide.
Zeke and Eren Jeager threw monkey shit at Levi.
by Musty.Eren.Jeager March 6, 2021
An adjective used to describe either anger and/or to just gofuck it”.
I’mbout to Jeager this shit up!”
by AnimeObsessedHuman January 1, 2019
a fad that is personified in a jocky ackward fashion that is accepted merely because of the particular person who started it.
Wearing lee khaki's is so last jeager.
by ben claude May 6, 2003
1. Sexy war criminal with pretty privilege that really doesnt want to do what he is doing but he has no choice lmao. People highly misunderstand this motherfucker (not literally)and literally the only thing he needs is a fucking hug. Give this piece of shit a hug please.

Oh and also Marleyans make it sound like it was a slur for some reason so it's illegal ahaha
"Man you dumb as fuck, that was so Eren Jeager of you"
by notgaybutprobablygay February 25, 2021
During intercourse doing doggy style before ejaculation you bite your hand as you pull out and nut on her back and start to roar
Yeah bro i finished her with the eren jeager
Really bro
by Miyamura March 28, 2021
The main character of Atack On Titan who has gone from being a whiny lil shit to an annoying peace of shit, he wants eldians to loose their pps to do that he will have to touch his brother zeke who is also an asshole and all pps will go poof, in conclusion best main character development ever
Man have you seen what Eren Jeager did?

Yeah hes such an asshole now
by I know where u lives July 5, 2019
a really good written character in the anine attack on titan, eren jeager is known for being the main character and the BEST CHARACTER in aot. (attack on titan) he is personally my favourite character and i love him too death.
oh you like eren jeager?
me too!
by Icecreamkittycat122 January 8, 2022