when you're fingering a girl and them fingers be dancing in her clit like Richard Bona dances.
Angie wanted more excitment in our relationship, so I gave her the jazz fingers.
by dookembowa May 14, 2006
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Klaxons Slang (Anglo-Klaxon) This is when people are guitar-wanking (showing off a song.) Although it doesn't have to music-related - just something over the top and unnecessary.
John - "Man, Wolfmother Jazz Finger too much!"
by Spider Gregg October 25, 2006
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AKA the Bird or middle finger. Derived from a feminist request to refrain from clapping and use jazz hands to show appreciation at a conference to as to not 'trigger' attendees by clapping.
SJWs want us to use Jazz hands instead of applause, let me show them my Jazz Finger.
by Thralkhar July 02, 2016
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