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A beautiful intelligent extremely sexy girl that's looking for the right person to be in a relationship.
That's a beautiful girl her name must be jaza
by Tyler!_! April 16, 2017
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pobrecita (poor girl)

when you genuinly feel sorry for someone
ay la jaza thinks she's getting a guy tonight :(

sophia, stop being a jaza and go to the party.
Jaza erica that she doesn't know what two times two is
Wow den is such a jaza.
by jaza123456789 January 20, 2011
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a Sepharadic/Jewish/Morrocan word for when you feel bad for what happens to someone. Used in countires with high morrocan populations by the Jews especially in Venezuela.
jaza, el nino tiene mucho frio!
by mackable January 27, 2011
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