Well they can be alright sometimes but that's just Jae. They have a big forehead and small ears. Likes being called: Simp,bitch,plant pot and basket ball. Don't fuck with em to much though or they will shit on you.

<3 Jae

har jar jat jap jaw jay jaq jaz is a bitch
by NotEllias September 18, 2020
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The name giving at birth to ensure that the child will spend a lifetime explaining that's its jazs not jazz, and no it's not short for anything.
Person 1: hey man my names jordan,whats yours?

Person 2: oh my name is jazs.

Person 1: jazz?

Person 2: now it's jazs.

Person 1:is it short for anything?
Person 2: no, now please go away.
by My name is actually jazs July 30, 2017
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Fat bitch that doesn’t come to school because she is “sick
Jaz has a throat infection from chocking on to much dick
by Jasmine and Helina November 17, 2019
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Jaz. The shyest person ever but she's amazing person you could fall in love with. She is perfect and attractive in every way, and every person fall in love with her. Jaz is the name of a crazy, cute, lovely and hard person too.
Having Jaz in your life is everything
by Idontknow0000 November 23, 2021
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Jaz is a very stupid person. If you ever meet a Jaz you should run away. Jaz cannot sing. In fact you should be very cautious if a Jaz sings near you. Jaz loves to gang up on you and pretend he's independent when he's really just a big baby. He likes to think he's got his life planned out and that he's always very happy when he is actually really depressed and spends most of his free time liking sad Instagram posts. He doesn't do work in class because he's always very lazy. He thinks everyone likes him when in fact they all just feel bad. Overall Jaz is one of the worst people to be friends with, he will back stab you.
He is such a Jaz, stupid and annoying.
by hartiun March 5, 2020
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There goes Jaz again, taking the reddi whip.
by March 21, 2022
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someone who’s name is jazmyn (or any other spelling) and hates being referred to as jazz because they aren’t a category of music
by buddernut September 8, 2021
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