a jayhawk is a fictional bird based on non-fictional occurences. jayhawkers were kansan's during the civil war who would go to missouri and steal back slaves for their freedom. this resulted in much blood shed and the eventual burning down of the city of Lawrence. the University of Kansas in Lawrence now has the nickname the Kansas Jayhawks which are one of the best basketball teams every year. go jayhawks
the missouri tiger cried the day the famous jayhawk kirk hinrich sank a 25 foot three pointer to beat missouri in columbia, mizzou
by mack daddy May 20, 2003
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I was at that game man, GO KU! The Kansas Mascot.
Rock Chawk JAYHAWK go KU
by Brian June 26, 2003
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The gay mascot for the University of Kansas. This is a make-believe creature that was made up because the stupid people at Kansas couldn't think of any other mascot.
The Jayhawk from Kansas University, KU sucks by the way.
by jayhawk hater January 24, 2011
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the best college mascot that exsists. a mythological bird best known for killing its opponents in basketball.
Kansas Jayhawks vs. Nebraska Cornhuskers
January 21, 2006
94-54, Jayhawks

Kansas Jayhawks vs. Kentucky Wildcats
January 7, 2006
73-46, Jayhawks
by TheKansasJayhawk April 04, 2006
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Did you see the Jayhawks lose to Bucknell last night? Wow, they really CHOKED.
by Swindle March 18, 2005
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Jayhawks are fictional characters named after people during the Civil War. They are now the mascot of Kansas University Really, its like giving your school a mascot like, "bushwackers".
If you are called a Jayhawk, you should be insulted by this.
"Haha what a Jayhawk!"
"That wasn't very nice!"
by AJ November 20, 2004
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A squawking Rightwinger which blindly supports NeoCon policies.
The JayHawk was mimicking the whitehouse press release with his defense of Bush today.
by Kristolite August 20, 2008
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