Short for vajayjay which is slang for vagina. This is a derrogatory term used to describe an immasculine man.
That kid who sits next to me is a real jayjay!
by Haley & Jenny & Jasmine December 20, 2007
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This is a cuddly little 16 year old kid who works at a car shop or something. This thing is totally unaware that people are watching him at every moment.
yeah hes a woman :-)
by Intel-Me August 03, 2004
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Drummer of 2 Term Nightmare. Beats his drums like they're women. Smokes blunts like they're going out of style. See also midget.
Did you go to the show last night? Jay Jay beat those drums like my Dad beats my Mom!
by 2TNfan June 08, 2005
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grace barlows whipping boy. her little bitch, he look like the chef from ratatouille if he did cocaine. a mediocre personality and a rubbish shell.
he a jayjay/totally
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by RICHBITCHHH January 05, 2019
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A little birch who thinks he is with the shot most know to false claim a city
Hey bro don't be a jayjay
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by Bigboy453i3839 April 24, 2019
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A total backstabbing snake, tends to seem kind and caring and loyal at first, but then stabs you in the back. You may think she is pretty at first but then, once getting to know her she begins to look like an elf. Makes decisions herself, and ends up hurting herself mentally. Asks for attention. Pretends to love you. She may steal your manzz so watch out!! In the end, no one likes her.
Omg! Did you hear Jayjay stole her best friends crush?! What a jayjay!
by Iminlovewithanostrich May 01, 2018
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