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Javer is the most amazing person alive and he shouldn't feel like he has to go through anything alone. Javer is sweet, kind, adorable, funny, and a lot more. Javer deserves the world. Javer doesn't think anyone loves him but he is so wrong. A ton of people love javer even though they don't show it that often. Javer gets picked on for his looks and they call him all sorts of these names but he has one person to help him through it all. Javer can feel helpless at times but he always finds a way to figure things out. He puts others before himself and thats one of the things that makes him so charming. If you have a javer in your life then you had better be glad you have them to rely on because they are special. Keep them dear to you because one day they could decide to leave you and just like that, they'll be gone and you would have lost one of the most amazing people alive on this earth. I know i miss him:( And if you piss him off he won't be scared to put up a fight, thats another thing i love about him<3
Person 1: Are you and javer still friends??
Person 2: No but he was my best friend and he meant everything to me. I would do anything just to get him back:(
by ThisOneLoserAKA_ZE November 16, 2018
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What's the hottest uber driver you've had. umm... I've never went to oovoo javer.
umm... I've never went to oovoo javer.
by boogey_ boi666 June 15, 2018
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Someone who frequently uses the FGM-148 Javelin either in real-life or Modern Warfare 2.
LilThirio is quite the Javer. He might just be the Jav Master.
by The Jav Master April 29, 2010
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