Short quick way to express something that is both funny and chill at the same time.
I spent the entire day in my pajamas watching Bob Ross paint happy little trees, java.
by Turtle Moose November 01, 2013
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1. Name of various Islands in the Indonesian Region
2. Name of the sea called "Sea of Java", located around Indonesia
3. A programming language that is known worldwide
4. Coffee from Indonesia
1. The Javan Islands of the Indonesian domain is very beautiful.
2. Have you ever crossed the Javan sea?
3. The Java language is complex yet amazingly efficient for programmers!
4. Ah! Java coffee is the best!
by BestUrbanDick-tion-ural-y July 09, 2019
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Slang for coffee. Comes from the coffee beans produced in the Indonesian island of Java. 'Kopi jawa' refers to not only the origin of the coffee, but its style which is strong, black, and very sweet.
" Would you like a delicious java?" or "It's java time"
by Sozzi June 13, 2015
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A software engine held up by duct tape.
Hey can you pass me the java, I need it for this broken game.
by peeeeeeeeepe May 06, 2018
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The definition of a sweetheart-asshole. A person who can be a complete asshole at times but still manages to make u fall in love with them more everyday because of how much of a sweetheart he is. Java is loving, kind, hilarious, handsome, athletic, adorable, passionate, and can make u smile on ur hardest days.
I love u, Java.
by Sharter456 November 27, 2019
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An programming language that's only generally used in android developer applications. The average individual can achieve this by smacking their genitals against the keyboard until it makes sense.
I couldn't figure out the solution to my Java programming dilemma, so I started smacking my genitals against the keyboard and it worked.
by gh942003 September 05, 2020
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