A very high caffinated fuck, and or a fucking woahhh.. while drinking an espresso.
I just did the java last night, dude.
by Guava number 3 November 03, 2011
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the worst program in the world to program in. Also known as a ball buster, pain in the ass, waste of time, and something you will most likely never use in your lifetime.
This homework assignment is so Java!
by LavaLauren November 28, 2010
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Putting coffee beans up someone's ass before performing anal sex.
Tom was upset after being Java'd, as he typically prefers decaf.
by dingus_brody August 11, 2011
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A beautiful girl that shy and a beautiful chocolate skin color and so nice and sweet to everybody and falls in love hard <3 and that a freak when needed
Javae' is a beautiful girl that shy but crazy once you get to know her and fun and a big baby, she is loving and caring a great person
by Cocoa 143 January 02, 2014
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A programming language despised by many veteran programmers as it allows interns to do 95% of the things they do in half the time and without their pasty complexion, decades of hard graft and countless weekends lost at the Games Workshop.

The veterans wear the forbidden knowledge of pointer arithmetic and varargs as a badge of status and power in much the same way as a fat middle aged shift manager at McDonalds would dangle a large bunch of from a belt clip in the hope of jabbing his pudgy, nicotine stained finger into a confused and vulnerable trainee.
"Garbage collection! That's what Biffa do isn't it?"
by JdeMolay February 24, 2005
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