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A very Beautiful go to talk to and she’s smart and outgoing and she loves to hang with friends she has a lot of friends and she’s good girlfriend so if you have a Jaslin in your life you might want to keep her because she will always love you no matter what she’s the most happiest person on the world and she is very pretty a lot of guys love her but she doesn’t think she that pretty but you have to tell her she is and that you love her
Wow jaslin your really cute
by Mill September 26, 2018
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A unique person, usually a girl, who loves life and all it has to give. Jaslin's are usually happy and is a giver rather than a receiver. Since the name Jaslin is so unique, they are sad to never find their name on pencils or keychains.
Hi. My name is Jaslin.
by JasTheBlonde February 04, 2010
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It’s a type of girl who gets annoyed for people who takes her burgers, and makes fun of disorders
Jaslin is annoying
by Hoodie plug May 28, 2019
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