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1. Usually a man of hershey's color. Desired by every woman. Is used to woman, of all ages, touching and caressing his body. Always looks sharp, wants to marry a strong latina woman.
2. Responds to the name, "Nutella"
3. Jarel's are never a disapoointment.
Im in the mood for a nutella sandwhich" "So you want to have a three some, cause im in the mood for some Jarel
by jarellover October 21, 2010
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Jarel the sexy,amazing,and all around best person ever his mom and dad have amazing genetics and he looks amazing his hair and skin is so soft and smooth like his penis you love having sex with him trust me
Yo I saw this guy today and he looked like a body builder.
What was his name dude.
I think is was Jarel.
What why.
You don’t know he has stolen everyone’s girl you can have a girlfriend if he is around.
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A guy that might not find love because he doesn't know what to do with it. He is very caring and is comfortable aroud girls. Has tons of secrets that he shares with no one because he is always inside of his head. If you findicated one keep him as a friend or more because he loves the company.
Girl: There's dude who seems super odd but kinda cute.
Guy: Those are rare. I think it's a Jarel
by MistaTwista54 June 19, 2018
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