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Jarate is the last Sniper unlockable from the popular online videogame "Team Fortress 2". Described as "Karate in a jar", it is literally a glass jar of human urine, ready to be chucked at an unsuspecting enemy.
Spy: "That sniper used his jarate on me and now I'm soaked!"
by HeadlessDevil May 20, 2009
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Pronounced like karate, jarate is piss in a mason jar, usually found in the outback of Australia.
"I brought some jarate to fling at an unsuspecting wallaby."
by EuLoGiC August 18, 2011
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Jarate, or the art of flinging jars of urine at your enemies, is guaranteed to result in “psychological damage, blindness, embarrassment, nightmares (with you as the star!), self-loathing, difficult stains and intense body odor."

This is an unlockable move/weapon for Sniper in the game Team Fortress 2.
"Suck on this, ya wanker!" *toss*

*crash* "I r be hit wit teh jarate! NUUUUU~!"
by Hozukimaru11 March 08, 2011
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A second-slot alternate weapon that can be unlocked for the Sniper class in Team Fortress 2. It is a jar nearly full of human urine that can be thrown at enemies to cover them in the contents or thrown at allies to douse them if they're on fire. Enemies covered in urine will always take mini-critical hits from any damage dealt. It is also the most commonly used replacement for the Sniper's default sub-machine gun. The name given is a portmanteau, or combination of the words 'karate', and 'jar'. It is even sometimes referred to as karate in a jar.

It is the hardest weapon to mod in Team Fortress 2, and almost all skins of Jarate are recolors of the liquid.
Jair ruddy! I mean. Jarate.
by SnivyVonDerpPhuckIII April 22, 2011
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