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goodbye AKA good-bye or good bye, sometimes goodbye! good-bye! or good bye!
im goin home now, g'bye ya'll!
by Austin Broderick March 19, 2005
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An overly friendly goodbye to show affection to friends, family and strangers.

The opposite to the Australian greeting.
Guy 1: "See you later, Tom"

Guy 2: "G'bye!" *closes door*

Guy 1: "What an odd fella"
by AllTheWords March 12, 2013
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Like a shorter way of say goodbye

Because who wants to type out goodbye 🏄 ♂️
Person one- okay I’m going to you watch YouTube

Person two- k bro, gbye 😎😎
Person one- gbye ✌️
via giphy
by PrincessPom August 18, 2019
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