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The most kind and funniest boy you will ever meet. He loves his family, friends and girlfriend very much. He loves to joke around and smiles a lot. The person he smiles with the most is usually the person he’s in love with. Jair loves many things like sports, listening to music and many other things. Jair is also very handsome and is a very loyal friend. If you are feeling down Jair will guarantee to make you smile! Jair also likes reading Greek Mythology, Humor, and Fantasy books. Jair is very sweet and will comfort you when you need him. Jair’s could be really shy if you don’t know them but once you get to know them they can be one of the most loudest and outgoing person you know!Jair’s are also really smart. Not smart in logic but school wise... he can be one of the smartest person that you know! If you haven’t met a Jair you need to meet one! You are missing out on a handsome, funny, kind, and sweet boy!
Girl 1: Let’s go.
Girl 2: Where?
Girl 1: To the mall.
Girl 2: Why?
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by Real Shadow Girl November 13, 2017
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a music loving individual. "Wont stop dont stop for nobody" type of personality. Usually dates few women but is attracted to girls who are just like him and give him a challenge. Will motivate you with few words and have you thinking about him all day. Jairs' usually lack sleep and love food.

Usually paired with a Catherine or Kathryn ( with a stong mind)
Girl1: hey what you doin' today?

Girl2: Lets go to the mall...

Girl1: For what?

Girl2: I need to find myself a Jair soon!
by Jacob McKinly D.r February 03, 2010
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A kid who likes to pull girls but usually fails. he likes money, and is smart. jair always has nice clothes and cash. hhe loves to sell shit. Hes a god on playstation. trash a 2k
damn jairs always selling shit.
by pseodnym June 21, 2018
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Guy who gives no shits whatsoever,probably a drug dealer,says racist jokes but doesn't get shamed and has a threatening face
Jair almost snapped a guys neck after he hit his car.
by Doctor.Pool September 18, 2016
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A counter-strike player on 56k.

His connection lets him handle 3 bit packets per second, and approximately 2 vowels and 8 consonants per 3 seconds on the microphone.

See 56k and slow and diol.
God damn this jairs piece of jairs I wish this jairs didn't jairs on me GOD JAIRS DAMN JAIRS THIS!
by sam April 10, 2004
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