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To Jap Slap someone, is to slap them when they are not aware of the incomming slap. (I.E Sneak attack)

Comes from when the Japanese bombed Pearl Habor in sneak attack fashion.
"When Alex wasnt looking I Jap slapped him right in the back of the head"
by Gary B January 12, 2005
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An open handed slap to the face. Reasons: stupidity, retribution or to rebuke a whiner. A callous and contemptous blow in order to restore sanity in their own little world.
I jap-slapped Ted for complaining about sprinkles on his donuts. Then I jap-slapped Jessica for being so stupid as to agree with Ted.
by Bodean March 16, 2004
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A highly technical, extremely dangerous martial arts move in which the individual performing the act strikes their victim with one side of their open hand, then immediately reverses the course and brings the other side of their hand accross the victims face.
My wife wouldn't stop sobbing after her cat died, so I jap slapped her and put her to work on the dishes. Sometimes you have to go that extra mile to help with the healing process.
by Stabsunteroffizier Wunderbar February 28, 2008
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Against political correctness, it really means to be hit with the back of the hand. Now its known as a pimp slap by yuppies trying to be urban
If you dont shut up i'll jap slap you so hard!
by daveybaby March 16, 2006
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A strong slap given out of annoyance or meanness which leaves the recipient slightly dazed and confused.

From the Malay phrase "penampar Jepun" to describe harsh treatment by Japanese soldiers during the Malaysian occupation of WWII.
HAHA! My dad just pimp-slapped, bitch-slapped and jap-slapped my little brother.
by Big Jux March 12, 2006
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To slap someone so hard they become slant eyed.
Back off my food before I jap slap you.
by kmac_1313 August 17, 2004
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jap slaps are flip flops ... they were worn by japanese originally and they slap your feet. Jap Slaps!
she is wearing her hot pink japslaps
by nellie March 29, 2005
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