Janick, someone that symbols the epitome of love, talented and with a spark of seduction.

First ever Janick was born immortal He is the greatest embodiment of universal Love in the galaxy today. The Emperor is the collective reincarnation of all the Shamans of Neolithic humanity. the first omniscient was what the Shamans were.

As a world without the shamans and their psychic abilities to guide the race, humanity would inevitably fall prey to the corruptions.

So a plan was drawn and upon dying, thousands of shamans decided to pool their collective psychic energies by reincarnating as a single soul in a single human body to create an individual they called "JANICK." The thousands of shamans did the ritual and as they died, their souls flowing out into the universe in a rush of psychic power the thousand of souls were reconstructed into a cleansing purifying fire, a flame imperishable that became JANICK.

He may be the last hope of Love today, Janick protects..

affiliated with: Tenderness, Endearment, Honourable, Desirable.
by Leonardo Da Vinci June 25, 2015
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The act of over analyzing one or more particular things and becoming obsessed.
To Study Stats all day or analyze grass and or cabinets. This world is full of janicks, what are you the janick of???
by DropMurphys14 August 21, 2005
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The act of panicking like a Jan.
Nicole: I have my Spanish presentation in an hour!
Danny: You are Janicking?!
by Spanish Panic December 7, 2011
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Janick Robert Gers born 27 I 1957 in Hartlepool is a guitar player. He played with White Spirit, Gillan, Bruce Dickinson and since 1990 he plays with Iron Maiden.
He's mostly known for his orgasmic solos and sexy ass.
Janick's biggest fan is Natalia from Poland, usually waving a 'Janick Gers is God' flag on IronMaiden concerts.
Janick Gers ( Janick Robert) born 27 I 1957 in Hartlepool
by Nat_JGIG May 4, 2006
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