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She is the most sweet, smart, witty and BEAUTIFUL girl on the FACE OF THE EARTH. She is the exemplification of everything MAGNIFICENT and PERFECT. A Janhavi usually has a GREAT nose and side profile, AMAZING frizzy hair, BIGGGGGG brown eyes and funky buddha-like-earlobes. Poetry rolls off of her tongue and she is BRILLIANT at EVERY SINGLE THING that she does. She smells like heaven and just the SIGHT of her is enough to make the hairs at the back of your neck TINGLE and give you butterflies in your stomach. Oh, and she has the most MAGNIFICENT hands and feet that you have EVER SEEN.

In short, she's like the best dream you've EVER had and one that you want to hold on to for DEAR LIFE because once you know her, everything else pales.
That Pie was as perfect as Janhavi.
by duckman24793 June 25, 2014
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