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When you add grape soda to your favorite brand of 40 oz strong beer that costs under 5 bucks.

Drink the 40 oz beer down to the top of the label. Then top off the whole thing with grape soda.

Suggested use of a Big Bear and Purple Crush.
Here is some grape soda, Bryce, drink that 40 down to the label and let's start janglin'.
by ElectricBananaMan March 18, 2019
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Pleasing to the ears or music that really creates good vibes.
Dude, this song is really janglin'.
by Laureli February 06, 2007
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A slang word, meaning "cool", " awesome", "not lame" or "diggin' your sweet socks bro!"
"I AM janglin', Debra" or " Dawg that outfit is janglin'!"
by Tsukishima Kei February 25, 2016
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