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A person who has been through many tough times in her life. She has gone through more than anyone realizes and has been heart broken many times. She does not fit in right away with many people and likes to be antisocial. But once you get to meet her, she is the definition of perfection. She is kind, sweet, lovely, thoughtful, talented, funny, but most of all caring. She will make sure to put a smile on your face. She needs a shoulder to lean on many times, but she is worth it all. She loves tight hugs, but she loves a genuine and kind person most of all. She has the most beautiful eyes in the world, and she seems to be embarrassed of her fingers. But the world knows that she is beautiful from head to toe. She is very picky with her clothes and her hair has the most beautiful lavishing mix of brown and black. She is the cutest thing on earth and has the best stories to tell. Her scent is heavenly and is somehow familiar. She tends to think a lot and "sulking" is her major. She is the definition of perfact, and I am proud to say I am in love with her.
Janele is like a key to a lock. She completes anyone or anything.
by Superman Son December 10, 2013
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