3 definitions by peachydays

Mr.Barr is a evil science teacher who doesnt give a fuck about his students. He makes them watch the Bee Movie, and plies on gay science homework. Kids make jokes about his weight as he currently very obese.
Wow Mr.Barr is super fucking fat
by peachydays November 23, 2018
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Jordan is a big dickhead, but he is very loyal and is a great friend. He tends to be kind of weird and acts like dickhead towards everyone at times. People have a crush on Jordan but nobody knows why or how they do. He is also retarded in science and access.
“ Damn Jordan is in a dickhead mood today! ”
by peachydays November 23, 2018
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Jami is very hyper and tends to have a lot of energy, she always seems so happy and is friends with almost everybody from all the different cliques in the school. She tends to tease her friends a lot, and is very protective over them and hates seeing them hurt. Jami doesn’t seem like the type to have a lot of issues but she does, whether it be dealing with depression or anxiety. She doesn’t want people thinking they need to help her, she hates that and thinks she can do everything on her own, stubborn might you call her. And whenever she gets crushes, all of her friends rush to tell them and she usually gets embarrassed and shy.
Man, that girl is acting just like Jami!

Jami is someone i would want as my friend.
by peachydays October 16, 2018
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