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the act of being pushed or shoved: manhandled. when someone loses complete control and throws a chair and attacks, pushes, punches, or tackles someone. Usually when a boy THINKS he is being blamed for something or verbally attacked and snaps on a poor innocent girl-losing complete control.
Bitch got in my way so i jamesed her!

(boy picks up chair and throws violently, starts yelling and screaming at an innocent girl and then pushes her into a stair railing.)
by fletcher1 January 11, 2009
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Chill person. Takes life as it comes. Makes good decisions "most of the time". Adventurous. Great person. Likes to travel. Nice clean looking. Always make you smile. Great friend. positive energy. gets along with almost anyone. somewhat popular.
hey you know that james ed guy is pretty chill
yeah dont know much about him though
by nessi711 March 22, 2011
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To exaggerate a statement to the point of complete BULL CRAP, followed by a futile attempt of covering up by using random figures, numbers and references.
James- Hey guys I can get you all new airsoft guns. Hey Kayvon want 3 MP5s? Actually no, how about 4 with 3,248 BBs. I get a 97.481% discount and II Sports.
by Amanda_Hugnkiss March 16, 2004
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