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One of the most notorious kids in all of Cranford. The holder of the Palooza. Supers powers include many women being attracted to him, an oversized penis which rivals that of a humpback whale, super srength, and ultimate coolness. His garage (where various Snakeapaloozas are held) is named the Snake pit. His only weakness is old call to the police and his powers ar rendered useless.
"Wow, is that Jake the Snake? What a good looking man...maybe he'll have my children."
by asdfdf September 04, 2006
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A fraud dean who betrayed the entirety of the student body of my school. He rather us die walking there than give us the day off in a month where we don't have any.
Student 1: Yo did Morris send out announcements?

Student 2: Yes Jake the Snake on that bs right now.
by StopJake2017 April 02, 2017
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the phrase 'jake the snake' refers to a game, which tests one's ability to jump over a rope, the 'snake,' who happens to be named jake.
shall we play jake the snake?
by jakewuzhere November 09, 2018
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